Current Projects

Wah Wah Records have issued a remastered version of our 1974 LP ‘Splendid Isolation’ with a reproduction of the original cover and a gatefold insert with never-before-seen pictures from the original photoshoot.

Bright Carvings Records are reissuing the first three Blue Angel vinyl releases from 1967/68, starting with The Giant Tortoise, to be followed by Cinderella’s Party Song Book and Dawn Tomorrow. Each of these is remastered using the original tapes.

The Blue Angel team have produced The Dawn of Blue Angel containing the same three 1967/68 vinyl releases on a CD in a tri-fold package with a 16 page explanatory booklet.

The next heritage project is to release all Blue Angel recordings from the 1960s as limited edition CDs using the original master tapes starting with Angel Delight.

The Closed Affair and Something Special CDs have been issued to coincide with the publication of two crime novels of the same name